Harvest 2018

It has been a year of notable climatic alternation, because unlike in 2017 we have had more rainfall. The late September climate contributed to the correct ripening of the grapes thanks to the temperature variations between day and night. The harvest in 2018 produced a good amount of harvest, in fact it was a fertile vintage in which the vines never had any water shortages.

Only the Dolcetto grapes did not fully benefit from the good climate at the end of September as the harvest took place at the third week of the month. The crop was therefore more modest and the sugar content was not as high as in other years. In spite of this we have produced a drinkable wine with a not excessive alcohol content, as must be a good Dolcetto D’Alba DOC.

The Barbera and the Nebbiolo instead have had a gradual and balanced maturation. Since the end of August, thanks to an adequate defoliation that has encouraged the aeration of the bunch and the thinning of the excess grapes, the vines have reached important sugary grades without presenting burns on the berries, let alone botched rot. The day / night thermal excursions at the end of September completed the work.

In our wines we will therefore have a balanced alcohol/acidity ratio and a pleasant tannin, also considering the maturity of the grape seeds which has allowed us to lengthen the maceration of Barolo by a few days.