Harvest 2020

It was a year conditioned by covid 19 but despite the difficulties it allowed us to appreciate our work even more. Nature has moved on and has given us an amazing harvest.

Winter was warmer than usual and with little rainfall.

Spring, apart from April, was quite rainy. This favored a rapid budding and the humidity accompanied by sunny days favored the vegetative growth thus intensifying our operations in the vineyard.

In the summer, the heat of July made us think of an important anticipation of the harvest period. However, the month of August with its rains slowed down the ripening of the grapes. September had a dry and windy climate, thus favoring the health of the grapes. Dolcetto d’Alba was harvested on September 16th.

Autumn began with significant temperature variations and some rain in the first week of October which did not compromise the harvest. The clusters were healthy, with good acidity and Ph values, even the color of the musts seemed more intense than usual. On 1 October we began the harvest of grapes suitable for Barbera d’Alba Superiore, followed by grapes suitable for Langhe Nebbiolo from 10 October. From the 13th to the 20th of October we harvested the grapes suitable for Barolo trying to get the most from the earliest to the latest vineyard.

We believe we are obtaining great wines, certainly this harvest was a ray of sunshine in a very special year.