The company Diego and Damiano Barale covers an area of about 8 ha located between the towns of Barolo and Monforte d’Alba.

The vineyards Cannubi, Monrobiolo of Bussia and Castellero are located in the Barolo district, while the vineyard San Giovanni is in the district of Monforte d’Alba.

Our wines have a traditional style in order to best preserve the aromatic natural qualities derived from our grapes.

“Il vino è la poesia della terra.”


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Monforte d’Alba

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The company, though recently founded, actually has historical roots.

Our “new” company started again from the land and the farmstead inherited from our father.

The lands are located in the municipalities of Barolo and Monforte d’Alba. The farmstead “Aie Sottane”, one of the most Ancient Barolo homes, now restored, is the heart of the “Diego and Damiano Barale” company.

Diego, at the end of the studies, is dedicated to the activity of winegrower and Damiano after years of practice as cellarman for many companies in the area, is now the winemaker in the company.

The rest is recent history. In 2012 the first label of Nebbiolo Langhe 2010 was released with the new trade mark, symbol of work and nature, audacity and luck.