Harvest 2022

The 2022 vintage was anomalous above all due to the scarcity of rainfall.

The winter period was dry, with only one snowfall as reserve. The winter then ended with a lack of rainfall and a mild climate.

Spring continued with good weather and very little rainfall, but despite this, the start of budding was in line with the average of recent years. Flowering was precocious and the vines “self-regulated” according to the lack of water availability. Especially in the Nebbiolo variety we noticed an incredible adaptation to climatic conditions and this once again demonstrated a unique bond with the Barolo territory.

Summer with high temperatures and prolonged drought meant that the vines had limited vegetation, facilitating agronomic management. In August, some rains revived the vegetation and lowered the average temperatures.

The harvest was brought forward, with slightly lower average production and excellent health condition of the grapes. The Dolcetto was harvested in the first week of September. The Barbera harvest took place in the second week of September, thanks to the exposure and microclimate of the San Giovanni vineyard, a good freshness can be appreciated despite the vintage. The Nebbiolo harvest began in the last ten days of September and finished in the first days of October. In the grapes suitable for Barolo, the high degree of health and a very full-bodied skin stand out. This should allow us to obtain wines with significant tannins and hopefully more long-lived.